The Bus Stop Project

‘The Bus Stop Project’ was an exhibition throughout Thrupp and Slad in the Stroud district that created art pieces from  11 Bus stops along the Thrupp road that needed renovation. Run by the Artist Zachary Walsh, Director of Studio 18 (Stroud)  with support from the Local Council. 

Stroud is a town with an incredibly strong sense of community, with an intense passion for politics and awareness of environmental issues. It is the birthplace of the movement Extinction Rebellion and has a strong socialist presence.

In 1898 the Whiteway colony was set in Stroud, near Miserden. It was a Tolstoyan community that rejected the idea of property. Founder Samuel Bracher purchased 41 acres of land along with seeds, tools and materials and provisions-the colonists then burnt the property deeds on the end of a pitchfork to symbolise the rejection of the notion of land ownership.

Over the years residents have included immigrant anarchists, conscientious objectors and refugees from the Spanish Civil War.

Although it no longer has an explicitly anarchist character-and colonist’s homes are privately owned by today's residents, these utopian socialist ideals have infused into the Stroud consciousness over many years and consequently Stroud is a place where many people explore alternative living.

The theme of Utopia is something I explored in this project. I also wanted to represent Stroud’s historical passion for the Environment. The place where eco- rights activist Polly Higgins successfully campaigned for ecocide to become illegal.

This community appreciation for nature is also represented in the flower pot bench that is watered by the local residents and passers by.

The Project was a public trail, and participants were able to help me put in the finishing touches.